Frequently asked questions

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The estimated delivery date is March 2020 or when 150 orders are being collected.

Yes, but please be aware that if the thumb throttle option is installed on the electric bike in accordance with Korean domestic law, it is not possible to classify it as a prime mover, use a license higher than a prime mover license, use a helmet, or use a bicycle. Please keep in mind that the individual is responsible for any problems arising from failure to comply.

Yes, it is possible to adjust the maximum speed, but if you change it to 25 km / h or higher, this also informs you that it is necessary to classify as a prime mover, wear a license, wear a helmet, etc.

Our goal is to make electric bikes accessible to everyone. We’ve worked hard for a long time to make our electric mountain bikes made from quality parts, as well as low prices. We have been very experienced in manufacturing products and parts as outsourcing, so we have been able to maintain a low price based on these experiences. With increased sales and production, we are confident that we can guarantee a lower price range even after the campaign ends.

This sale is for Korean customers. International customers, please wait a little. Currently, in the transaction of this campaign, customs duties when entering Korea are borne by Anzene.

Advene is sturdy built to easily withstand up to 200 kg (440 lbs).

To simplify production and cost, we launched only a single Advene size. Advene is designed to fit the user by adjusting the height of the saddle and the front handle. Regardless of any height from 150 cm / 4’9 ” to 200 cm / 6’5 ”, you can comfortably ride your bike by adjusting it to your own style. Fits even bikers of less than 185 cm / 71 inches. Bikers of 185 cm / 71 inches or more will be provided with a longer front handle.

Well built into the frame in the lower tube section, protected by a secure lock that can only be locked and opened with a key holder to protect the battery and keep it aesthetically clean.

Advene weighs about 19 kg (42 lbs), even with batteries. The carrying handle in the middle of the frame makes it easy to lift.

The batteries built into the Advene are built to last up to 80 km (45 mi) on average, even with pedal aids. The battery takes about 6 hours to fully charge. Instead, under the auspices of the battery company Anzene, patrons can choose whether or not to use a fast charger accessory and, if used, charge Advene in 2-4 hours. Battery life is up to 3 years.

Advene took a tremendous amount of time to find the right vendors and manufacturers. Since we have been dealing with outsourcing companies directly for a long time, we have helped factories and shipping companies to provide us with products of very good quality at the lowest price. We keep the unit cost low through crowdfunding because we can work with factories to make the right amount of products without handling high storage and other related costs.

물론입니다! 배터리가 방전되어도 시마노의 9단 변속기어가 달려 있어 일반 자전거를 타는 것처럼 계속해서 자전거를 탈 수 있습니다. 엔진이 없더라도 비포장 도로의 상태에서도 여전히 자전거를 타는 것이 마치 꿈처럼 느껴질 것입니다.

Yes, you can. The battery is built in two easy steps to change or remove the battery within 9 seconds. Just unlock and remove the battery.

Do not assemble or use the bicycle if it is rarely damaged during delivery. Please take a photo of the box and contents and provide us with a list of descriptions of the damaged items. Most other companies will charge the customer for damages to the shipping company, but we will solve the problem on your behalf, as long as you notify within 48 hours.

You need to bring your bike to a local bike shop to measure the damage. We will do our best to send you replacement parts if necessary. At this time, we cannot support the cost of bicycle repair. Because costs vary from store to store and from city to city.

No license is required. This is because electric bicycles are classified as bicycles. However, domestic laws require electric bicycles with throttle to be classified as prime movers, so a license is required and caution is required.

The buyer bears the bicycle and shipping costs, and the customs duties are borne by us.

We have two sample bikes, one in Singapore and one in Seoul, South Korea. If you want to test drive, please send an email.

Yes, orders can be changed, product selection or accessories can be upgraded or lowered, and it is best to receive a refund through the “Refund” button on the profile during the campaign period. There are mistakes.

Shipping costs are 65,990 won (subject to change depending on the destination-Seoul standard), as the delivery facilities are shipped directly from the assembly facilities in China and Hong Kong. We don’t have a lot of them right now, so we need more support to lower the cost. We’re supporting some of the shipping costs to make this offer a reality and make it more realistic so we can send Advene to more people. Advene has a very low price because there are no intermediaries between you and the factory.

Advene bike’s motors and batteries come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and 3 months for attached parts. In case of problems caused by errors in production, warranty can be provided. If you contact customer support, we will take care of it. No warranty is provided for wear and damage to parts such as tires, disc brakes, chains, etc. due to normal bicycle use, not during production.