Advene Electric Mountain Bike


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The most comfortable mountain bike in the world

Mountain biking is a fascinating & exciting sport. A lot of bikers will stay away from rugged and steep mountain roads.

Advene hopes that everyone can easily enjoy the joy of mountain biking. As a result, Advene combines traditional mountain bike with electric drive systems & build the most energy-saving mountain bike in the world.


    Effortless Cycling

Advene powerful pedal-assisted system makes it easy to conquer steep hills. The mountain’s top scenery and the thrill of downhill are all yours now.


    Rides like a Pro

Pedal-assisted mode makes it easy for you to get the speed of a professional rider. Surpass anyone easily & cycle far ahead. 


    Fatigue-free Riding

The booster pedal-assisted amplifies your strength, allowing you to ride for a longer time. Stay energetic, enjoy the scenery & speed on the road. Best partner for commuting & outing.


    Perfect Combination

Hidden battery, quiet & powerful motor system. Advene matches e-motors with traditional mountain bikes. Making you look cooler than anyone.


Seamless Battery Pack Design

Cycle up to 80 km with LG’s new 18650 lithium-ion battery. Perfectly hidden in the frame, detachable, safe & reliable with a battery lock.




Light weigh, high-performance brushless motor. Making you glide along the road when you cycle.



Smart Control

Easily switch the riding mode to meet your styles on the intelligent driving system.

Cycling mode      

It behaves like a traditional mountain bike without electric mode.

Pedal-assisted mode      

The pedal-assisted system will amplify your power and let you cycle easily.       Adjustable power level for different needs.



    Night Cycling Safety Features

Reliable at night with front bright riding lights.




Stylish & reliable mountain bike

Advene is not only stylish but also professional-built mountain bicycle. Complete reliability in dynamic engineering, ergonomics, structural materials & safety standards.



    High-strength, Lightweight Alu Frame

6061 aluminium alloy body. Stylish and cool that comes with durable & reliable quality bike parts.



    Smooth Speed-changing Experience

Comes with Shimano 27-speed transmission. Known for its fast and reliable gear adjustment.



    No fear of Rough Roads with Rock Shox fork

Adjustable suspension fork provides you with choices of racing/ off-road modes. Suitable for various road conditions.



    Sensitive & Efficient Braking System

Reliable full-disc brake system with sharp braking for outstanding performance. Awesome manoeuvre control with sensitive braking mechanism.



    Safe Cycling with KENDA Tires

Professional cycling tires with high abrasion resistance & superior grip. The unique tread design has the dual effect of reducing rolling slip & anti-slip. Do not need to worry rain/ shine, flat or mountainous as its equipped with anti-puncture tape.




Specifications Square Up


  Sleek bike frame

    Light aluminum alloy grade 6061 frame
    Able to withstand up to 400 pounds
    Bike weight: 19.5 Kg / 44 lbs
    2 color options: Passionate Red, Cool Black
  Battery’s proprietary tech

    Standard version 36v 7.6ah
    *Upgraded version 36v 10.4ah
    Up to 80 km (50 miles) travel distance
    Standard charge time 4 to 6 hours
    *Upgraded speed charger 2 to 4 hours
    Integrated battery – detachable for easy charging
    LG’s new 18650 lith-ion battery cells
    The battery can be easily secured and removed from the frame with a discreet key lock
  Powerful and silent motor

    250 watts booster motor, EU model
    350 watts booster motor, US model
    Speed up to 32km/hr (20 mph)
  Throttle for full electric or pedal assist rides

    Comes with thumb throttle to go full electric or maintain pedal assisted
  Rust-free gearing components

    Shimano 27 speed gears
    Quick response riding with reliable mechanical disc brakes

    *Upgraded version Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

    Adjustable preload and mechanical lock-out Rock Shox front suspension fork for all terrains
    Fitted with strong safety front light
    Adjustable seat for maximum comfort while riding
    Uncluttered steering handlebar for the perfect fit
    Safe grip rubber handlebars with added support
  Puncture-proof wheelset

    27.5”x2.128 wheel size for greater control & speed
    Fitted with puncture-proof strips
    All-terrain tires

    Smart variable speed options @ 6 speeds
    Full throttle or Pedal Assisted Option
    Automatic drive function
    Easy, on-the-go speed adjustment
    Configurable for personal settings
    Backlit LCD screen
    Displays battery time, speed and distance
    Water and dust-proof
    *Upgraded version built-in USB charger


9 accessories & upgrade options:




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Starting from  US$499 (SG$699), you are getting a great bike that is smart, sleek and safe! What are you waiting for?  It truly is an investment that you could use for a lifetime.



About Advene e-bikes:



Anzene is a company that designs and manufactures electric bicycles for Advene. It all started in August 2018, when CEO Joshua was looking for a commuting and weekend recreational electric mountain bike. There were high-end brands that were very good in the market at the time, but that had too many features that he needed a bicycle or cheaper brands that were not sure about the life of the batteries and motors. So Joshua developed this bicycle with a reasonable price for the necessary functions, and he believes it can be a versatile bicycle for many people, the first electric bicycle users, commuters, weekend leisure cyclists with family and friends.

We have secured production contracts with a reputable factory with over 10 years of production experience who is willing to support us with good costing for quality materials as they too believe in the future of electric bikes.





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